Coworking - Flex Office Special Limited Offer

iOctane Pods has a win-win offer for selected Coworking Spaces and Flex Office Spaces, designed to bring you more foot traffic and give you access to the latest Meeting Pods/Booths at 20% off, with the option for full financing of all items from $240/month.

All you need to do is become an iOctane Pods “Virtual Showroom”, allowing us to direct customers to your space to take a look at the Pod(s) installed.

We have so many variants of Meeting Pods, with colour and size options, that we cannot display everything at our own showrooms. By partnering with the Flex Office Industry, we can provide mutual benefit to each other.

Our larger Meeting Booths (2.6m wide and 2.5m deep) are being used as fully bookable, soundproofed meeting rooms in many locations. It can be a brilliant way to add more billable space to your facilities.

Benefits for your Space

This offer is limited and subject to the following

- Availability is limited to the first 20 spaces, which are deemed as suitable locations
- Each space must cover delivery and installation costs (these will be kept to a minimum)
- Finance option is available to approved purchasers, and is a "low doc" application, secured by assets
- 20% price reduction is against current advertised price on website for each product
- Requested style/colour may not be in stock, and may need to be ordered (8 week timeframe). We will have a preference for models
- We will make formal bookings for prospects to view Pods, however we request priority wherever possible over other uses