Our commitment to Sustainability

iOctane Pods is committed to developing a culture which is focused on leaving the world a better place than we found it, and hence constantly improving in keys areas relating to our manufacturing, packaging and waste as well as facilitating a circular economy.
The materials used in our Pods are 90% recyclable and some materials are derived from recycling (PET used in our Sound Insulation), our packaging is mostly recycled cardboard with some timber and we have initiated a program to refurbish and re-sell customers older products where possible to encourage customers to participate in the circular economy.
The majority of our customers (including Planet Ark – see their story) choose our Meeting Pods specifically to avoid the waste involved in most fit-out projects (“make good” clauses in leases require fit-outs to be removed and mostly discarded). The Pods can be disassembled and relocated with minimal expense, ensure they can be re-used in a new location without waste or loss of asset.

The calculation of Greenhouse Emissions (CO2) as a result of the manufacturing process is a complex one.

Rather than use a % of a sales value, iOctane Pods uses a complex calculation based on each of the materials contributing to the manufacturing of our Pods which results in a value between 2400 and 4000 CO2 equivalent Kg and hence we seek to offset these amounts by carbon credits towards key environmental projects to create a Net-Zero Carbon Impact. We plan to provide visibility to the positive impact that iOctane Pods and our Customers are achieving over time.

In addition, we seek to ensure the use of materials such as Glass, Steel and Aluminium which can be recycled in addition to using recycled materials such as PET (derived from plastic bottles) for our Internal Lining material. 

 iOctane Meeting Pods are delivered in flat pack form to minimise shipping cost and impact and our packaging has been developed to have as little Environmental Impact as possible.

The majority of our packing crates are made of recycled cardboard which can be recycled again, with a small amount of plywood and bubble wrap.

The bubble wrap is provided free of charge to organisations and individuals who are able to re-use it for further product protection, or even for insulation in dwellings or various buildings. Wherever possible, we endeavour to re-use and recycle packing materials.

One of the key factors which drive our customers to select our Meeting Pods, is the very fact that Pods are entirely re-usable and can be on sold, or relocated when a business moves elsewhere. Meeting Pods become an asset which, unlike typical office fit-outs which are required to be removed and discards on lease termination, they can be retained with minimal loss of value.

iOctane Pods is initiating a unique program to allow us to retain Meeting Pods which are no longer required by our customers, and refurbish these Pods to allow a lower cost option for new customers - and the ability to participate in the Circular Economy.