High Definition Full HD Webcam


USB drive-free desktop camera, usb drive-free design, plug and play, only need to connect a usb cable to use normally, easy to operate without installing drivers.

Integrated compact design:

  1. It integrates camera, microphone, speaker, DSP chip, etc. perfectly.
  2. The camera body is small, easy to carry, easy to install, and can quickly set up a video conference site, providing a better solution for small video collaboration conferences.
  3. USB drive-free transmission interface, audio and video real-time transmission.
  4. Built-in high-definition camera, 1080P high-definition picture quality, horizontal wide viewing angle up to 112 degrees, suitable for small and medium-sized conference rooms with 3-8 people to meet.
  5. Array pickup microphone 360-degree omnidirectional sound collection, pickup radius up to 3 meters.
  6. Carefully tuned audio processing algorithms and audio DSP chips to effectively reduce the interference of environmental background noise on sound quality.
  7. Built-in high-power speakers, AGC automatic gain control, clear sound quality.
  8. Compatible with Windows7/8/10, Android, Apple 5.1/6.0/7.1 various operating systems.
  9. Supports ZOOM, Skype, QQ, WeChat, DingTalk and other video chat software

Attached on top of our various Interactive Screens and plugs into the integrated PC USB Port.

Additional Information

Internal Dimensions
External Dimensions
Width: 746mm, Depth: 78mm, Height: 440mm


$395 Inc GST