lPod – Four Person Meeting Room with Smart Glass


The Large Gen 4 Meeting Pod has many applications – it is ideal for meetings of up to four people by adding seating (either 2 lounges or 4 chairs) plus a table. It can also be used as a roomy office, a music teaching or practice studio (will fit a drumkit!) or for many other usages.

Now with the amazing Smart Glass option for front and rear glass panels. This Pod provides the ultimate in Privacy, by simply pushing a button to change the clear glass into obscure, frosted glass, which allows light through but no visibility. Push button again and the glass is back to clear. (Photo coming soon!)

The pod is sound-proof and includes automatic LED lighting, sound deadened ventilation, USB and mains power with tempered glass frameless door. Table and furniture are optional extras.

Cost effective delivery throughout Australia. The pod can be self-installed (minimum 2 people required) but we recommend engaging our assemblers who can install it in around 5-6 hours.

Additional Information

750 kilograms
Internal Dimensions
Width: 2145mm, Depth: 1498mm, Height: 2170mm
External Dimensions
Width: 2275mm, Depth: 1585mm, Height: 2300mm
7.24 m2


$22,050 Inc GST