lPod – Four Person Meeting Room with rear panel  (for optional screen or built-in table)


Announcing the NEW Gen 4 lPod Chat Office Pod. This is a 4 Person pod, our Large model, ideal for use as a meeting room. It can be set up in 1 day ready to go, creating a soundproof separate office within your business premises.

The new model lPods are larger than previous models, frameless laminated tempered glass doors, which are now 950mm+ wide (to assist with Disabled Regulations) and improved ventilation and lighting.

The pod is sound-proof and includes automatic LED lighting, sound deadened ventilation, USB and mains power with tempered glass frameless door. The lPod Chat features a solid panel in the rear glass, ready for a screen to be installed. Table and furniture are optional extras.

Cost effective delivery throughout Australia. The pod can be self-installed (minimum 2 people required) but we recommend engaging our assemblers who can install it in around 5-6 hours.

NOTE: Office furniture is extra cost – Pod comes without any furniture.

Additional Information

750 kilograms
Internal Dimensions
Width: 2145mm, Depth: 1498mm, Height: 2170mm
External Dimensions
Width: 2275mm, Depth: 1585mm, Height: 2300mm


$14,450 Inc GST