Interactive 32″ LCD Screen


32″ Interactive LCD Screen, with built-in Industrial PC – perfect for interactive whiteboard, video conferencing facility or interactive presentation system. Single-boot PC with Windows 10 Pro is i5 6th Generation, 128Gb SSD with 16Gb RAM.

  1. Aluminium alloy frame, surface sandblasted and anodized, steel case back cover, active heat dissipation;
  2. 3mm physical tempered anti-riot glass; enhanced visual effects and enhanced touch experience;
  3. High-speed 10-point touch writing experience, better graphics roundness, faster writing speed;
  4. Uses the international standard OPS slot, with integrated plug-in design, easy to upgrade and maintain, there is no visible computer
    module connection line, and the body is beautiful;
  5. Front expansion port: 1 PC-USB, 1 full channel-USB, 1 HDMI input, 1 TOUCH USB, convenient for users to use external devices;
  6. Front facing (hidden) speakers to prevent the sound from reducing;
  7. Child lock function, the button function can be shielded by configurable settings;
  8. Support gestures to display menus, the menu can quickly adjust the brightness and sound, and switch the signal sources;
  9. The front button can be started by one key, and the screen and the host PC can be turned on and off at the same time;
  10. Full HD High Resolution display with wide angle display technology for viewing from any location

This screen will attach on side wall for mPod and rear centre panel for lPod and xPod.

NOTE: Images show 85″ Version – 32″ similar in function but size is smaller.

See demo video

Additional Information

Internal Dimensions
External Dimensions
Width: 746mm, Depth: 78mm, Height: 440mm


$1,950 Inc GST