Cube 4×3 – Eight Person Soundproof Room


Announcing the NEW Cube No Floor Soundproof Room from our Bespoke Range, which is designed to replace the need for fit-out to create large board rooms, meeting rooms, executive offices, counselling rooms or similar.

This Pod is part of the Cube range which are fully customisable for 1 to 3 glass walls and any size required up to 5 x 6m. These are unmatched in the Australian market for size and amazing value.

The Cube will accommodate size people+ (depending on size required) or is also perfect for use for numerous other purposes, including as a secure and instant board room, office, consulting/counselling room or workspace.

The Cube has frameless laminated tempered glass walls and framed glass doors, which are 950mm+ wide  and excellent adjustable ventilation and lighting. Doors and walls can be completely customised in position, size, panel finishes and colours – we can even provide multiple doors in the Cube if required. This Pod is DDA compliant by default (no floor, sliding door option and ample circulation space) and can easily incorporate fire sprinkler head if required.

These pods are sound-proof (30dB+) and include automatic LED lighting, sound deadened ventilation, USB and mains power with tempered glass frameless door. Table and furniture are optional extras. Pricing based on 2 solid wall and 2 glass wall with pivot door.

Cost-effective delivery throughout Australia is available and our assemblers can install in one day. Contact us now to find out how we can provide an alternative to traditional fit-out with the following benefits:

  1. 8-10 week delivery and installation. Get into your building faster;
  2. Full customisation to match exact sizes required for your offices and rooms;
  3. Circular Economy Friendly. You own the asset and can move or sell as your needs change. No “make good” applies;
  4. Able to be financed (try that with fit-out projects!);
  5. Truly soundproof to 30dB+ as opposed to bespoke construction projects sharing HVAC ducting, etc;
  6. Install in 1 day, with no impact to your team. No need to exit the building for 6 months whilst fit-out construction occurs.

NOTE: Furniture and Wall Image are extra cost options.

Additional Information

1650 kilograms
Internal Dimensions
Width: 3950mm, Depth:2950mm, Height: 2250mm
External Dimensions
Width: 4000mm, Depth: 3000mm, Height: 2300mm


$28,500 Inc GST