Announcing Pod Assist and Pod Control

Pod Assist

Your Pod Assistant

Introducing Pod Assist, a PA for Pod users, allowing them to choose the optimal settings for lighting and ventilation, check remaining booking time and how long until the next booking, or locate the next available Pod.

Integrated into the Pod’s electrical system, Pod Assist controls lights and ventilation to ensure you have the perfect environmental conditions for your meeting.

Responding to the ambient temperature and humidity, Pod Assist boosts air flow if things get a little stuffy, or reduces fan noise to keep things quiet.

Integrating with either Microsoft or Google calendars, the Pod’s availability can be confirmed, and bookings made directly from your calendar.  A indicator on the Pod’s roof will let you know if it’s available, becoming free or in booked.

You’ll know who has the pod booked, how much time you’ve got left on your booking and when the next meeting is scheduled to start.

Facilities Managers can now keep track of pod utilization by site, manage bookings and even set bookable times from their portal – Pod Control.

We created Pod Assist based on our experience in running Coworking spaces.
We believe spaces and buildings should be active, not passive.
Systems need to be super simple, but react to how the space is used
rather than waiting for people to decide what they want.

Jeremy Ellis

Available 2023

Pod Assist and Pod Control is available exclusive from iOctane Pods.