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Creating Great Office Space Without Compromising Future Plans

In 2016, Dylan and his Co-founder Daniel were sick of working for old-school Real Estate agencies. The industry was slow to embrace new business ideas, and social media was out of the question for many.

They could see that the industry was ripe for disruption, and they wanted to be part of the future, not the past.

Forming an agency with a few colleagues, they quickly realised that investing in a social media presence was more important than the office location. Prioritising investment toward content, the team rapidly secured customers, allowing them to outgrow their premises three times in five years.

The Challenge

The team wanted to create high-impact moments for visitors to their offices, but having already outgrown three offices, they were understandably cautious about investing in the physical office space.

Dylan and Daniel both have a keen interest in new architecture and had been tracking trends in pop-up Pods and Tiny Houses. They realised that a Pod would allow them to create impressive meeting spaces in their large open-plan reception, and it could be relocated if they needed to move again.

Our Solution

After working through several design options, the team settled on two xPods with a high-impact contrasting colour scheme. Completing the industrial look with bare brick walls and an edgy black colour scheme, the space really does create that wow moment for customers.

In addition, the Pods allowed them to remove the existing ceiling tiles revealing the soaring 4.5m high volume above.

Project Summary

  • Pods are easy to relocate, allowing businesses to remain agile, reduce capital costs and avoid investing in short-term office spaces
  • Our carefully designed pods create a strong design statement, creating impressive spaces that are appreciated by clients and colleagues
Transformed Open Plan Office

“We made our online presence a high priority and minimised office cost initially but with our rapid growth, we can now afford an office with impact. We want our customers to say, ‘wow, I want to work with these guys’ when they walk into our new space.”

“The space we created has exceeded our expectations. When we first started looking for Pods, we thought we wouldn’t be able to afford them. iOctane Pods is such great value, and the team took a strong interest in helping us.”

Dylan Simpson (Co-founder)

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