Planet Ark

Creating Office Spaces That Align with Australia’s Leading Environmental Organisation

Established in 1992, Planet Ark is one of Australia’s most respected and trusted environmental organisations. The organisation is focussed on solutions and making positive environmental actions accessible to everyone. After more than two decades as pioneers of environmental behaviour change, Planet Ark was rated by Australians as the #1 organisation for operating in an ethical, responsible, and environmentally friendly manner in 2018.

The Challenge

Planet Ark had recently relocated to new office facilities. When they left their previous facility the investment they had made in creating dedicated meeting and office space was wasted when the landlord stripped the building, and these features were removed.  

As a not-for-profit environmental foundation, this waste of materials sat uncomfortably with the senior team who were keen to avoid the same thing happening in their new office.

The new space is an open-plan warehouse-style building. This meant that creating some meeting space was important to enable people to have confidential conversations and to give people somewhere quiet to work away from the large open space.

Our Solution

One of the organisation’s two CEOs had seen pods being used in other offices. Impressed by their versatility the team started to look for a similar solution. Not only would the pods provide the workspace required, but they would also belong to the business and could be used in different office locations in the future.

Two single-person and one four-person pod were ordered, and they were delivered and installed quickly, avoiding lengthy construction leads times as well as meeting the firm’s sustainability criteria. The larger pod now functions as a bookable meeting room.

Project Summary

  • The pods provide a transportable and relocatable solution that can be moved around the office or moved to a new office in the future
  • Quick delivery and installation helped the team settle into their new office space
  • Colleagues are happy with the pods and use them regularly – they have even given them names!
  • The pods were a lower cost than a traditional fit-out and represent a great investment

“We hadn’t done this before, so it was a new thing for us. It really made us think about using space and materials in different ways, rather than just going down the re-fit route.”

“We have our campaign at the moment to show wood as a renewable building source. Having that look and feel is important to the general vibe at the office”

Claire Bell (Head of Operations)

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