PetO Stores

Introducing A New In-Store Veterinary Concept to the Australian Market

PetO is a family-owned pet store chain with big ambitions, opening up to three new stores every year. After seeing vet clinics set up in pet stores in the US, PetO founder David Rowe was keen to introduce the concept in Australia. However, retail stores have limited space and every square foot matters when it comes to generating revenue. David saw the concept as a way to draw people into his stores and encourage secondary spending and upsells. The most important thing for PetO is to offer great value to customers and keep them coming back.

The Challenge

After trialling the idea by building a stud and glass wall unit within some stores, it was clear that while there was the demand for the service but constructing in-store facilities was time-consuming to develop and costly. A more flexible solution was needed. David started searching the Web, looking for options and after discovering iOctane Pod’s website he got in touch to find out more.

Our Solution

The xPods and lPods were ideal, being the right size with suitable ventilation and power points. After carrying out some further prototyping based on a mock-up consulting room, they knew what was needed. Once they had perfected the design and use of the space, they were ready for installation.

After successfully trialling three pods and making some changes to the size of the units due to Covid, they were quickly rolled out to a further 10 stores over two months..

Project Summary

  • The Pods have provided an opportunity to introduce a range of new services including events, dog washes, and in-store vet services in a flexible, eye-catching, and engaging way.
  • Various sizes and style of Pods can be designed to meet the needs of individual clients and tailored to provide space for different equipment and facilities, with waterproof floors in this case.

The pods are great. They look so clean and minimalistic, and they are soundproof which is great for client confidentiality, while also being well ventilated so everyone is comfortable”

“We have focussed on offering a service that is convenient and affordable – and by the time we had rolled out the 7th store our vet was very busy and our in-store sales have increased since launching the service”

David Rowe (Founder)

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