Pods for Healthcare Delivers Benefits To Patients and Creates Opportunities for Client Diversification

Meg and Phillip La Peyre founded Melbourne Therapy and Counselling Centre in 2018, a mental health clinic specialising in Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Trauma and PTSD counselling, and psychotherapy services. Initially the team operated from an office in Clarendon Street, Southbank, and while the office was functional, it lacked personality and comprised several small rooms which didn’t create a collegiate workspace for the team.

Prior to Covid lockdowns, the business acquired two new offices in Murrumbeena, better suited to its needs.

The Challenge

In relocating the business to an older building, the founders needed to convert the open-plan plan layout into a dedicated reception space and 2 specialised spaces for their clients – a single space for individual counselling and a larger space for couples counselling and family counselling.

The brief was specific, the spaces needed to be as sound proof as possible, with an ambience of safety, comfort and luxury for their valued clients. Additionally, they needed to incorporate online telehealth counselling for their clients, Australia wide to allow for their practitioners to utilise the space for virtual counselling services.

Our Solution

Having seen the Pods used for other purposes within the medical field, the team were keen to investigate how they could be used in the mental health space.

The iOctane Pods team recommended an lPod and a larger xPod to create the two spaces needed by the team.

Once installed, the pods created a natural reception area and two dedicated consulting spaces. They required no additional engineering, fire or Hvac changes to the building. The height of each pod means they feel comfortable and spacious despite the relatively small office.

“It was very important for us to create a space that personified our vision where ‘Healing Starts with a Conversation’ and these pods have allowed us to do exactly this. The space allows for deep and meaningful healing, processing and recovery to occur without feeling clinical in any sense. The warmth, comfort and luxury feel which the pods provide have far exceeded our expectations and they reflect not only who we are in essence, but exactly what we are offering our clients.”, said Phillip La Peyre. “We couldn’t be happier with the investment and will be considering getting additional pods as part of our expansion plan”, he continued.

Not only have the pods been ideal for the therapy sessions, but they are also quiet and peaceful for clients to use the space for reflection once the therapist has left the room – and this is an important part of the healing process. Many clients report feeling ‘lighter’ and more relaxed when they leave.

“We are so pleased with the results. We’ve got 2 offices in the building – we tested the pods in one to see if they worked – we now want to mirror the same thing in the other office, going from now two spaces to maybe four or five more [therapy] rooms. We’re going to be able to create a lot more area, which we need because we’re booked out at the moment”, said Meg La Peyre, “The pods have given us a chance to create a personality in a very small space, and that makes it a lot easier for our patients, healing wise, it’s helped.”

Project Summary

      • Carefully designed pods create a strong design statement, creating versatile client-focused spaces that is appreciated by clients and colleagues
      • Pods are easy to relocate, allowing businesses to remain agile, reduce capital costs, and avoiding short-term office space costs
      • Pods provide a dual purpose allowing for counselling sessions face to face in person in the pod or via telehealth online allowing the practitioner to utilise the space for online counselling, and allowing their clients to enjoy the virtual aspects of being in the pod for their session.


    If you would like to learn more about Melbourne Therapy and Counselling Centre please visit their website https://melbournetherapycentre.com.au