The Future of Work[space]

Is the most important thing the work we do or the place where we do it?

XPod Music Room

Isn’t the quality of the work most important?

XPod Wardroom

In the near future, people will choose to create their best work and then choose the right place to work.

Even when the digital world collides with the physical world.

XPod Video Wall

At iOctanePods we’re exploring what is possible with a range of sensibly designed and intentionally created work pods.

From quiet communication booths to large custom design work-zones, we’re creating the Future of Work

and we’re showcasing our latest explorations at the Design Show Sydney October 2022

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Design Show is Australia’s premier interior design exhibition.  Click here to register for tickets and make sure you use the Promo Code IOCTANE.   See you at Stand #728

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