Custom Office Pods

Bespoke Options Available for Large Orders

״Our Pod provides privacy for sensitive interviews & meetings״

Meeting Pods are now being used in place of Office Fit-out Projects to get QUICK OUTCOMES. We are the ONLY provider to deliver customised and even Bespoke Pods with a plethora of colours and finishes to enable us to build your ideal pod according to your unique requirements.

Are you Trying to Update your Office?

With open-plan offices being the most popular office design for most companies, it’s no wonder business owners are looking to make changes for Hybrid Teams. But Office Fit-out Projects are virtually impossible in the current climate and take many months, with “Make Good” required at the end of the lease. Thankfully there is a solution!

Ideal for Open Plan Offices

Although open-plan office designs look good, the lack of privacy can negatively affect your employees’ productivity and the overall efficiency of your team. When distracted, an employee can take up to 20 minutes to get their focus back, so multiple interruptions mean sacrificing valuable time. Installing our Meeting Pods in your office space can minimise disruptions throughout the workday and increase work performance

Avoid Costly Fit-outs

Fit-outs are a massive challenge in the current environment, with providers booked out for years and some unable to even quote due to ongoing material cost increases.
But Pods provide instant Meeting Rooms and Offices up to 3 x 3.2m in size, which can be installed in a day, instead of many months. Once installed, Pods can be moved and relocated as needed with minimal cost

Easy Finance & Relocatable

Office Meeting Pods provide a better alternative than fit-out projects, since they can be financed easily with a low-doc application against the asset.
The Pods also allow for easy relocation further down the track, increasing flexibility with leases. The value of the asset is not lost, unlike fit-out projects, which further add the requirement for "make-good" at the end of the lease

Customisable & Bespoke

From a design point, a soundproof office booth can also improve the overall interior design of your space. Our variety of timber, frame, and panel colour options enable you to customise your booth to match your existing office decor, so it can blend in. We not only offer customisation, but even bespoke manufacturing for Pods to suit specific dimensions to create a unique outcome

The Advantages of Including our Office Meeting Pods in Your Workspace

Acoustic Meeting Pods have gained popularity as the solution to problems associated with open-plan offices. With fewer distractions and healthier workspaces, we believe every company can benefit from installing our Pods

Increased professionalism of calls. When trying to make an all-important cold call to a potential client, as many as 70% of employees worry about what their co-workers think when talking on the phone. A single room phone booth allows your staff to speak privately to clients without apprehension or fear of their co-worker’s judgement

Equipped with modern technology. Our booths function like any office space. Furnished with features that keep you connected and charged, such as electrical outlets and data ports, as well as air conditioners and ergonomic furniture, to ensure a comfortable working environment

Reduces staff turnover. Providing staff with quiet, secluded areas can increase productivity, leading to more high-performance employees. Supplying these staff members with a distraction-free work zone fosters a productive space to grow and exceed work-related targets

Allows for isolated one-on-one meetings. Confidential meetings make up a large portion of employees’ work schedules. Our booths enable staff to conduct private meetings without the distractions from fellow office workers and without causing interruption to the rest of the office. Our booths cater to two-person meetings, up to eight-person conferences

Promote sustainability through environmentally-friendly materials. In today’s society, both your staff and your clients feel better knowing their company constantly make efforts to go green. Our eco-conscious manufacturing and design continuously evolve to include eco-friendly components

Three Ways an Office Booth will Help your Teams

Separate their office and home life.

They will project a more professional image

An investment that rewards you

Why Choose Us as your Office Phone Booth Supplier?

With the world shifting to a hybrid of home and office-based work, it’s important that employees feel comfortable and able to work from each location. Years of research, development, customer feedback, and trial and error allowed us to perfect our range of functional and aesthetically pleasing office pods. The high-quality acoustics, paired with world-class features and customisable finishes ensure that we create your pod according to your requirements. Whether it’s for your office or your home, our vast range of office pod solutions are ideal for a productive workspace. Contact us for more information