Augmented Reality Visualisations - See our Pods in your office

The following Pods can be viewed using an Android or IOS Smartphone, overlaid in your own space. Follow these directions:

  • View this page on your Android or iOS Phone
  • Click on any Pod below which will open an AR Viewer
  • Touch the screen to position the Pod where required
  • Pinch with two fingers to resize the Pod or rotate as required. It will show % size (make sure 100%)
  • You can walk around the AR Pod, or even inside it, and take screen shots/photos as required

sPod LHS Shelf

sPod Rear Shelf

mPod LHS Shelf

mPod Rear Shelf


lPod Office


xPod Chat 4 Stools

xPod Chat 4 Chairs

xPod Chat 6 Stools


openPod 4 Person