Our Story

We are living through challenging times - challenging our assumptions on where and how we work.

What we thought we knew about how people use office spaces is being questioned by empowered employees, leaving business owners wondering why they are paying for expensive offices and fit-outs.
At iOctane Pods, we've created a range of fantastic value Meeting Pods and Acoustic Furniture sensibly designed for adaptable work environments.
From video booths to 8-person collaboration spaces, sound-proofed huddles, and meeting Pods, we designed our range of highly customisable products for the flexible offices of the future.

Jeremy Ellis - iOctane Pods Founder

Small business is a powerful concept. By bringing together like-minded people, a business owner can leverage a team around a single purpose and achieve global change and outcomes impossible for just one person.

Having worked with corporates in process technology and management consulting for some 25 years, we became frustrated with the slow pace of change and opened up a revolutionary co-working space in Cremorne, Victoria. Working with small business owners meant that we could apply our experience to help see start-ups and small businesses grow and flourish and allowed our team to explore ways to optimise and structure teams on a smaller scale.

By creating amazing workspaces, it was also possible to experiment with office layouts, work zones and having some 70 different businesses in our spaces meant we could develop hands-on experience with developing communities within workspaces, both within one business and between businesses. 

The last few years of operating businesses through a pandemic has allowed us to bring together this knowledge of team structure and work optimisation, together with workplace design and substantial fit-out project management, to form a team in iOctane which has the ability to help business owners to prepare their teams and workspaces for the future.

iOctane Pods was created as we worked with leading manufacturers to develop a range of Meeting Pods and Acoustic Furniture which will assist businesses, both big and small, in evolving their open plan offices to cater for hybrid workforces, with innovative solutions to bring together teams in new ways to perform their very best work.

Why do Pods make sense?

With dozens of applications, from sound-proof phonebooth, private or home office, meeting room, rehearsal studio, Zoom/Teams Room or even soundproof games room, our Pods are incredibly versatile. iOctane Pods are designed to provide instant spaces within a commercial office, hospitality, home, warehouse or education environment.

Open plan spaces are important in offices to provide a place to connect and interact, however they can also result in distraction and noise. Our Pods overcome these challenges by providing attractive spaces which separate people from the external environment using sound-proofing technology. The use of quality 14mm laminated tempered glass walls and doors, means that it is possible to remain connected visually to the outside environment.

Adding Pods to an office instead of a fit-out project avoids investing in your Landlord's building, with instant meeting rooms at a fraction of the cost. Financing Pods is easily and you can simply take them with you when you relocate.

Why our Pods such great value?

We felt that most Meeting Pods were too expensive for the average business, and yet in a post-pandemic world, they have become an essential requirement for every office.

The need for privacy and safety, along with video meetings to connect remote staff and the added requirement to keep larger Meeting Rooms available for Hybrid Team Meetings (when remote staff come in for Collaboration with office staff).

With the success of our openPod, we set out to create an affordable series of sound-proof meeting pods utilising the latest in technology, great design with excellent quality. By partnering with our specialist manufacturers and acoustic specialists, we have achieved the best value on the market today, with full price transparency.