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Your Pod, Your Way from $240/month

Bespoke Meeting Pods from 1 to 10 People.
Take them with you when you move

What can Meeting Pods do to improve your Business?

  • Your Pod, Your Way

    We provide a range of ex-stock Meeting Pod models which can be Customised to your needs. For larger orders, go bespoke and we can design your perfect Pod, up to 4m wide, with solid rear wall or part-glass. Let's collaborate to create the ideal solution.

  • Increase Team Collaboration

    Focused staff are proven to be happier and more productive. Meeting Pods not only bring together the Team locally, but also connected Remote staff, allowing real collaboration and innovation to thrive

  • Optimise your Workplace

    Meeting Pods can be installed in a day, without permits, builders and investment in your Landlord's building. Instant Meeting Rooms can even be financed easily and moved easily when you relocate

  • The Ultimate in Versatility

    Phonebooths, Zoom Rooms, Meeting Rooms, Offices or even Games Rooms. Meeting Pods can serve numerous uses and free up bookable meeting rooms in your office by providing private, soundproof spaces optimised for their purpose

Latest Products

Buy outright or with our pre-approved finance plans (5 Year Term)


$ 7990 Inc GST
  • $240 Monthly
  • 1 Person
  • Options: Stool, Whiteboard
  • 3 Hour Install*


Two Person Booth
$ 10750 Inc GST
  • $312 Monthly
  • 2 Person
  • Options: Desk, Table, Stools
  • 4 Hour Install*


Four Person Booth
$ 12990 Inc GST
  • $376 Monthly
  • 4 Person
  • Options: Couch, Desk, Table
  • 5 Hour Install*


Six Person Room
$ 15950 Inc GST
  • $460 Monthly
  • 6 Person
  • Options: Table, Bar Table, Stools
  • 6 Hour Install*


Eight Person Room
$ 19790 Inc GST
  • $574 Monthly
  • 8 Person
  • Options: Table, Bar Table, Stools
  • 7 Hour Install*


Four Person Booth
$ 9850 Inc GST
  • $300 Monthly
  • 4 Person
  • Options: LCD Screen
  • 4 Hour Install*

Sound Proofing

Acoustic simulation software is used to design optimal acoustic performance.
Soundproofing achieves around a 30dB voice range reduction, depending on frequency.
Laminated tempered glass of 14mm (similar to high speed trains) helps achieve this sound reduction, along with 4 layers of wall material, and optimised door seals and frames to minimise sound loss.


A low noise air ventilation system with maze-like internal layout is automatically activated upon presence being detected in the Pod, to ensure full air replacement far less than the requirement of every three minutes (sPod every 32 seconds), while preserving the sound-proofing.
Our latest Pods have automatic ventilation operating periodically when Pods are not used, to keep air fresh at all times.


Equipped with 4000 K daylight colour temperature LED lighting system (150 LX), the automatic lighting provides a consistent level of light throughout the Pod. In the event of power supply issues, a backup power supply is readily installed inside the pod.
Additional lighting and LCD Screens can be installed to provide an immersive video conferencing experience.


The pods are equipped with 12 V-USB power supply and power rated for 100-240V/50HZ, complying with common equipment requirements. Additional power sockets can be installed in the walls or floor (for table power) if required during the installation process.
Portable A/C Units can also be used inside the Pods or in the roof of the Pod where additional heating/cooling is required.